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MajorFX EUR H1 PAMM Investment account

What can we do for you?

Looking forward to a brighter future?

Are you just marking time?
Being fed up with commuting to work every day?
Longing for financial independence but hesitant how to achieve?

Looking for a better investment?

Grumble about the pathetic interest rates bank deposits and treasury bills offer you?
Would like a flexible, medium-term investment?
Willing to take a higher risk for an outstanding yield?

PAMM is the solution for YOU!

PAMM - What is it?

What is a PAMM account?

The PAMM (Percent Allocation Money Management) is a managed investment account. Investor (Investor PAMM) can fit the required capital to invest here. The investment will now be managed by the PAMM manager.

How much profit can be expected?

With our trading strategy and risk level (2% per trade), you can achieve 5% of the monthly benefit intermediate characteristics (average of 6 months).

What time frame to invest in?

The duration of the required rate of return is minimum 3-6 months.

What overhead costs to expect?

The establishment of the PAMM account is free and only outbound money gets charges applied to and in reference to the normal bank charges must be paid (this is typically the capital of 0.2 - 0.4% of the total). We don't have a fixed monthly fee, commission is proportionate to performance, now its 25-35% of profit.

Is the capital secured?

Ensuring the money invested meet the legal requirements for the country's financial oversight. The insured amounts is € 50,000. If the problem PAMM account holding bank limit the amount of insurance to be reimbursed by the investor.

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MajorFX EUR H1 PAMM Account


How to's of a PAMM account

PAMM Investor account operator of the site shall be initiated by free registration. At the end of the registration, personal documents or photocopies of photographs must be uploaded to the site. You will then be allocated to the capital PAMM manager of your choice.

What do I need to provide to invest?

A few common documents are required in order to open a PAMM Investor account.(Passport, residence cards, utility bills).

Starting an Investment Invest into PAMM Account What risks I face?

Our PAMM account's risk level is 2% per trade. This means that a trading may be a maximum amount of loss. This exception to the large and unexpected price movements, such as the abolition of the EURCHF peg the exception, which can cause higher losses. 1-2% of cases, this may be imported over several weeks or a few months. Such a large, unexpected movements in exchange rates are influenced by the fixed exchange rate or other currencies typical state intervention. We don't trade in these currencies to minimalize this risk.


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